Marie Lorenne Morales

Spain, 1984

Marie Lorenne Photo

Her life has always been and will continue to be one of travelling. She perceives travelling to be a powerful tool for personal transformation. She discovers different cultures through the eyes of the locals and from their stories. Marie-Lo shares this knowledge through her pictures about travelling. On this occasion, we discover the Cuba of 2017, with its contradictions of being loyal to a regime having as many followers as adversities or, on the other hand, falling into the temptations of the striking New World with its shining promises of immediate and fabricated happiness.

The exhibition is composed of 25 phoographies grouped in pairs to highlight the contrasts of today’s Cuba in 2017. From May 13th to July 13th, KJU exhibits 17 photographs. The complete collection (with unpublished photographs) is presented in the online shop of Marie-Lo’s web:

01 – Loyalty or temptation?

02 – Prosperous architecture like poscard

02 – Decadent and real architecture

03 – Looking to the new world

03 – With food on the floor

04 – Tradition in boxing

04 – Modernity in boxing

05 – I love my flag: USA

05 – I love my flag: Cuba

06 – Born to leave Cuba

06 – Born to die in Cuba

07 – Maternity and education 1

07 – Maternity and education 2

08 – Practical woman “Prostitute”

08 – Idealist woman “Hasta la Victoria Siempre»

09 – Young defiant

09 – Young uniformed

10 – Communications and power 1

10 – Communications and power 2

11 – Business today in Cuba 1

11 – Business today in Cuba 2

12 -Tecnology today in Cuba 2

12 – Tecnology today in Cuba 1

13 – Driving to freedom 1

13 – Driving to freedom 2

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